• Available in a huge array of sizes:
    4 x 6 ¼ - through - 20 X 5 X 27
  • Available plain or custom printed
  • In white or natural kraft paper 
  • Choose between 30#, 35#, or 40# basis weights
  • Can be run to select custom sizes* 

Print minimum for Merchandise Bags is *ONE BALE! unless noted below:

  • Quart Liquor Bags (18M minimum)
  • Pint Liquor Bags (16M minimum)
  • Pharmacy Bags (20M minimum)
  • French Bread Bags (20M minimum)

Packaging Options:
Ross & Wallace Merchandise Bags come in sturdily wrapped paper bales.  

To help with receiving orders and to improve the accuracy of order picking, our labels include scannable bar codes.

Printing options:
Ross & Wallace Merchandise Bags can be printed on all 4 sides in 1 0r 2 colors

* No printing on 1/2 pints