Five Tips for Recycling During the Holidays

Did you know that Americans throw away 25% more trash during the holiday season?

That’s 25 million tons of extra garbage! Take these five easy steps to go green during the holidays.  

1.) Skip the shiny wrapping paper.  In many areas it cannot be recycled, so check before you put it in the blue bin.  Instead, use untreated paper, like Ross & Wallace’s kraft paper, that can be recycled easily.  Kraft paper looks great plain, but if you have kids at home, we suggest enlisting the them to draw designs on it for a festive touch that keeps them entertained.

2.) DO recycle your boxes, cans, and paper.  In the days of online holiday shopping, there are quite a few empty boxes laying around.  Though they can be cumbersome, cardboard boxes as well as cans, plastic milk jugs, and bottles are “high value” recyclables, but 69% of plastic bottles and 45% of aluminum cans don’t get recycled.

3.) Keep plastic bags OUT of the recycling bin.  Though some grocery and retail stores will collect used plastic bags for recycling, they can clog equipment and shut down an entire recycling plant.  Because of this, Recycle Often Recycle Right has asked that plastic bags not be placed in with general recycling.  Deposit plastic bags at participating stores, but keep them out of your at-home bin.

4.) Go compostable!  Soiled paper plates, cups, and napkins are not recyclable.  It’s best to opt for reusable items, but if you go the disposable route, look for compostable brands.  

5.) Keep it clean and dry.  Soggy items can spoil an entire load of recycling!