Ask the expert:  Do you have any recommendations for cost-conscious customers?

For cost-conscious customers, why not take a look at a 1/7 BBL SOS Grocery Sack?

The 1/7 BBL Grocery Sack is very subtly smaller than our popular 1/6 BBL Grocery Sack, but it is also less expensive. It is designed to hold roughly the same amount of product as a 1/6 BBL bag while reducing cost.  This allows you to save your customers money and potentially increase your margins!

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1/7 BBL vs. 1/6 BBL SACK FACTS:

  • 1/6 BBL = 12" x 7" x 17" 

  • 1/7 BBL = 11" x 7" x 16.75" 

  • 97% of the time what is loaded in a 1/6 bbl sack will fit in a 1/7 bbl sack

  • Saves warehouse space (roughly 10% space saving on full truckload volumes)

  • Saves on freight costs (roughly 9% savings on full truckload volumes)

We will happily send you a sample of both bags to compare!