Learn how to make these gorgeous paper bag stars

Images, video, and craft via https://babbledabbledo.com/make-paper-stars-lunch-bags/

These stunning paper bag stars are easier to make than they look. We promise!* They can be made with white or natural kraft paper bags in a variety of sizes - the larger the bags the larger the star. The bags do need to be the same size relative to each other to achieve this look.

12 Ross & Wallace paper grocery bags
1 large glue stick
Hole Punch

Completely coat the back of the bag with glue (the side without the bottom fold).

Place the front of another bag (the side with the bottom fold) on top of the bag you’ve just applied glue to and press down firmly.

Repeat step one and two until all twelve bags are glued and pressed in a stack.

Cut diagonally across each top edge of the stack of bags. Center cuts can also be added to vary the design.

Image via babbledabbledo.com

Image via babbledabbledo.com

Add glue to the back of the top bag in your stack and open the stack of bags, so that you can press the top bag firmly to the bottom bag in the stack forming your star. Hold until the glue sets.

Decorate! You can decorate the bags before or after you’ve created your star. To hang the star simply punch a hole and attach your string.

Click here to link to the original post where you can find decorating ideas and templates for other star patterns.

Source: https://babbledabbledo.com/make-paper-star...

Paper Bag Turkeys

Learn how to make an adorable centerpiece for your kid's table with just a couple of brown bags, white paper, a glue gun, and some scissors. 

You can refer to our previous post, How to Make Popcorn in a Paper Bag for a healthy, easy "stuffing."




Start by gathering your supplies:

  • One 1/6 BBL SOS grocery sack (ask at the checkout counter of your local grocery store)
  • Two 2# natural grocery bags or other small size (ask at the bakery counter of your local grocery store)
  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • White copy paper (8 1/2 x 11") 
  • Three to four bags of popcorn, or see our post about how to make your own! How to Make Popcorn in a Paper Bag


    Make the frills:

    • Cut your 8 1/2 x 11" white paper lengthwise
    • Fold both pieces in half lengthwise
    • Use the scissors to make small cuts on the folded side to create loops

    Create your drumsticks:

    • Make a fist and stick your hand inside one of the small, brown bags
    • Using your free hand, mold the top of the bag into a more rounded shape
    • Fill 2/3 of the bag with popcorn and twist the bottom of the bag to keep it tight
    • Use the hot glue gun to secure the white frill on the bottom of your drumstick and glue the end of the frill to itself to keep it in place
    • Repeat for second drumstick

    Form the turkey's body:

    • Use the the larger brown grocery sack to create the body of your turkey
    • Similarly to your drumsticks, use your hands to smush the edges of the sack into a round shape
    • Fill the bag with popcorn
    • Fold the left and right edges at the bottom of the bag under, so you have three straight edges instead of one large one
    • Tuck the bottom edge of the bag under and hot glue gun it shut


    Isn't it a beauty?  Garnish with parsley, gourds, or any other fall favorites, and have an adult "carve" your bird for your guests to enjoy before the main event.  This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser for kids and adults alike!

    Source: http://onecharmingparty.com/2010/11/02/the...