Want to Save Trees? Choose Paper.

Part of what we all understand to be true is also entirely accurate – to make paper you must use trees.  What is a little less intuitive is that using paper products actually supports forests.  

What it boils down to is that if there is demand for wood-based products like paper, there is incentive for landowners to maintain and responsibly manage forestland, which provides income.  Without the demand for wood-based products like paper, the land maintained as forests would likely be put to another economically beneficial use.

Unlike in generations past where poor logging practices could be destructive, today’s forest owners follow national, state, and local requirements to grow forests in a way that preserves ecosystems and growth.  By using wood-based products like paper, consumers can contribute to maintaining a healthy forestry industry. 

In fact, since the government began tracking forests in the 1950’s there are millions more acres of forestland than a generation ago!

Don’t just save a tree, save a forest. – choose paper.

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